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Drive Shaft

OEM Part #
TPM Part #
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#01 Screw 22741 WO242
#02 Flange 32656 WO759
#03 Scraper Ring 23430 WO891
#04 Seal 23196 WO268
#05 Shaft (2 Piece) 31644 WO147
#06 Bearing 25162 WO270
#07 Flange 32653 WO241
#08 Seal 23194 WO269
#09 Coupling 31661 WO148
#10 Extension Shaft 31910 WO149
#11 Socket 31903 WO243
#12 Key 24822 WO244
#13 Shaft (Alternate 1 Piece) WO276


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