Poss® CCM2000 *

Replacement parts and service for use with your Poss® CCM2000 machine. Augers, screens, restrictors, bearings and more. Inquire about our Auger Rebuild program.

Replacement Parts

OEM Part #
TPM Part #
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#01 Nut, Thrust Head w/ Bushings HD-2000-404 PO739
#02 Nut, Tie-bar End (Sold In Sets of 3) HD-2000-407 PO745
#03 Front Head Flange HD-2000-402 PO728
#04 Tie Bar (Sold In Sets of 3) REQ. Screw PO742 HD-2000-408A PO727
#05 Screw 7/16-20 Lh Thd, Set of 3 For PO727 Only PO742
#06 Bell Housing B-2000-401 PO726
#07 O-ring Bell Housing PO759
#08 Nut, Restrictor HD-2000-460 PO732
#09 Restrictor Complete (50MM Shaft) HD-2000-403 PO710
#10 Bearing (50MM Shaft), Part of PO710 CB9046 PO716
#11 Bushing (50MM Shaft), Part of PO710 PO707
#12 Restrictor Complete (45MM Shaft) PO709
#13 Bearing (4MM Shaft), Part of PO709 PO708
#14 Bushig (45MM Shaft), Part of PO709 PO715
#15 Desinewing Auger HD-2010-412C PO702
#16 Drive Shaft Bushing PO762
#17 Drive Shaft PO761
#18 Screen 8MM/3MM Holes) PO701
#19 Screen (Old Style) PO765
#20 Screen 8 MM X 3MM HD-2000-D2-409-8/3 PO752
#21 Screen 2000 3MM X 3MM PO866
#22 Screen 2000 PO864
#23 Screen, Ccm 2000, 8.125" Long PO886
#24 Screen, CCM2000D PO644
#25 Front Clamp Threaded Insert SA1500-303 PO760


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