Cozzini® AR-701™ *

Thomas Precision Inc Replacement parts for use with your COZZINI® AR-701™brand food processing equipment.

Coated Plates

OEM Part #
TPM Part #
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Plate 0.8mm Coated CO007CTD
Plate 1.0mm Coated EP-1320-1.0CTD CO008CTD
Plate 1.2mm Coated EP-132012CTD CO089CTD
Plate 1.4mm Coated EP-132014CTD CO090CTD
Plate 2.0mm Coated EP-132020 CTD CO189CTD
Plate 2.4mm Coated EP-132024CTD CO091CTD
Plate 3.2mm Coated EP-132032 CTD CO092CTD
Plate 4.0mm Coated EP-132040CTD CO147CTD
Plate 5.0mm Coated EP-132048CTD CO042CTD
Plate 5.6mm Coated EP-132056CTD CO043CTD
Plate 6.3mm Coated EP-132063CTD CO044CTD
Plate 7.2mm Coated EP-132072CTD CO045CTD
Plate 8.0mm Coated EP-132080CTD CO046CTD
Plate 9.9mm Coated EP-132099CTD CO047CTD

Inserts & Holders

OEM Part #
TPM Part #
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Holder, 3 Arm EK-1313 CO184
Holder, 5, Arm EK-1315 CO185
Holder, 7 Arm EK-1316 CO015
Insert (Pkg of 50) EK-1320-50 , EP-1320-50 CO016


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